News, Fun Facts, Famous Golfers & History of Golf

Welcome to scarfamgolf, the Scarborough family golf site. PG Wodehouse rightly said, that the true charcter of a man can be found out by playing golf with him. Golf is like all other game; a game of passion and patience but the third dimension to golf that makes it different from others is the confidence. It is a ball and a club sport. The aim is to hit the balls with a club and drop it in the holes in a given time. One among many fun facts about golf is that the golf balls in early days used to be made with the feather of chicken and leather which cost around ten to twenty dollars for each ball. Another of the fun facts about golf is that it is one of the two sports that has been played on the moon, the other one being javelin. There are many such fun facts about golf which will be discussed through the course of this write-up.

Origins And The History Of Golf

The history of golf in ancient times is not very clear and is a matter of debate. Much resemblance has been traced with a roman game called paganica that had similar rules and was played with a ball made of leather and stuffed with chicken feathers, just like golf. Other games like chuiwan from China, cambuca from England, chambot from France and chaugán from Persia is said to have similar resemblance with the royal golf game in ancient times.

However, the history of golf in modern times dates back only to the 15th century for the first time in Scotland. King James II is said to have banned golf in 1497 as it used to distract men in the lessons of archery. The ban had been lifted by the legendary King James IV, in 1502, who was an ace golfer of his times. Later an 18-hole golf course was built in St Andrews.

Basic Rules Of Golf

There are some basic terms associated with golf.

Tee: the starting point of the hole

Hole: a physical hole plus the area from the tee extending to the green to another hole.

A course has 18 holes that have to be played on in turn.

The objective of the game is putting the ball into the last hole by passing through all the 17holes.

Golf usually is played individually but in a tournament, there are about 80 teams with three to four players in each team in the driving range Scarborough. Equipment of the game are clubs and balls and sometimes a glove for the playing hand.

There are two ways of playing: stroke play and match play. stroke play is when the shots of the player to put the ball into the hole are added. In match play, the player who fills the hole in minimum time wins the match.

The ground on which the mini golf Scarborough indoor is played is not just an ordinary ground, but a ground strategically and conceptually designed with holes and pegs in definite places.

World Golf Tournaments

The upcoming tournaments on golf are:


  1. U.S. Open

From June 13th -16th

In Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach, California

  1. British Open

From July 18-21

In Royal Portrush Golf Club

Portrush, Northern Ireland

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Famous Golf Players

The Top players of golf of all times who have made a mark in our hearts are:

  1. Jack Nicklaus: with 18 biggest wins and accolades to his name, he is to top the list if we go by a number of the championship. He made the record of wearing the green jacket for the 6th time at the age of 46.
  2. Tiger woods: if anyone has made golf popular among the mass, it is tiger woods, who has even surpassed Jack Nicklaus in some cases. Fun facts about golf and this player is that he is one of the five golfers of all times who have won the grand slam for three consecutive times.
  3. Bobby Jones: although being an amateur, the seven years period between 1923 -1930 saw no other player who could beat Jones in golf and he also won the grand slam by winning four major tournaments.
  4. Walter Hagen: Hagen is the first native American who in 1922 won the open championship.